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Making innovation possible. Fime is evolving with the fast-moving payments industry.

December 17, 2020
Interview of Lionel Grosclaude by Stéphanie Pietri
Making innovation possible. Fime is evolving with the fast-moving payments industry.

In 2020, Fime has rebranded with the launch of our new website, logo and tagline to explain how we support our customers’ journey and demonstrate our unique expertise. Stéphanie Pietri, Brand & Digital Marketing Director at Fime spoke with Fime CEO Lionel Grosclaude to discuss how the company has changed and how this new Fime embodies our vision for the future.  

Stéphanie Pietri (SP): Firstly, why rebrand and why now?

Lionel Grosclaude (LG): The payments market is changing quickly, with new technologies, regulations, players and end user expectations. Especially with the COVID-19 crisis, the need to adapt and be agile has never been more important. This creates many challenges for our customers. This is where we are uniquely placed to help. 

For me, a brand is not what a company does or what it looks like. It is what its people believe in, what they are striving towards and how they feel about it. Over recent years, we have diversified and broadened our mission. We are a very different company to the Fime of four, or even two, years ago and our new brand crystallizes this change and the unique value we bring to the ecosystem.

From new strategy consulting and technical advisory, services and products, to new offices, laboratories and strategic acquisitions – we have moved forward in all areas of the business. What has remained the same is our commitment to our customers.

Relaunching our brand brings all of this together as we offer even more valuable strategic and technical support to customers to capitalize on new opportunities.

SP: What has changed?

LG: There are a few key aspects that we have changed in line with our rebrand. 

The first is our new logo, which has an interesting story. It is both a direct representation of the lead character in our name, and also an interpretation of what we actually do. The new logo represents the key components of our business with three elements: two bars and one circle. The first bar represents the consulting element of our company; the second bar represents the testing side of the business; and finally, the circle represents results. Our expertise, combined with testing, delivers results. 

Our new tagline ‘Making innovation possible’ is at the heart of what we do. Every day we enable our clients to create and launch trusted and secure solutions across payments, smart mobility, and open banking. 

We have also completely updated our website. It is designed to support our customers’ journey, explain how we add value to their businesses and showcase our work. As part of this, it communicates our complete offering, demonstrates our unique expertise and focuses on the market segments we serve. 

We have not however, changed the name of the company. We are a well-respected and trusted business in the payments and smart mobility sectors. While refreshing our brand, we have kept the same name to build on our legacy in the payments industry, while moving forward and addressing new opportunities. 

SP: How does this new brand reflect Fime’s evolving strategy?

LG: All of this aligns with our core values and principles and informs our strategy, which is captured by our vision, mission and promise. 

Our vision: to enable a world of innovative and trusted transactions.

Our mission: to be the most trusted partner for consulting and testing services across payments, smart mobility and open banking.

Our promise: enabling our clients to define, design, deliver and test trusted and innovative transaction solutions.

By using our unique heritage, we can guide our customers – who might know what they want to achieve but are not always sure on how to get there – throughout their solution launch journey

Our new brand communicates that whether our customers are schemes, issuers, acquirers, vendors, public transport operators or retailers, we enable them to turn powerful innovations into the future of trusted transactions.

With our global perspective, strategic consulting, technical advisory and wealth of testing expertise we can help businesses to define, design, deliver and test their products and services. 

SP: What is your vision for the future of this new and improved Fime?

LG: I am keen for Fime to continue to build on its solid foundation and trusted brand to create new opportunities. As these markets continue to grow, especially in a time where having an omnichannel payment strategy is essential, our solutions and services are key to helping companies succeed. Our difference lies in the exceptional experience that we have gained from over 20 years of refining and testing payments products for a wide range of customers. 

For Fime, the only way is forward as we look to expand our relationships with existing partners in new markets, and also establish new partnerships to support the market in new and innovative ways. I look forward to working with the team to continue to empower our customers, support each other and keep getting better. 

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