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Fime is pleased to speak at the Biometrics Institute webinar, where Joël Di Manno, Laboratory Biometric Service Line Manager will explore the importance of certification and the role of testing in deploying successful biometric solutions.

Our NFC RF test bench will be working with our Contactless Test Station III (CTS III) to demonstrate interoperability and compliance with the latest standards. And you will be able to see the innovation we did on biometric testing such as finger veins scan.

Fime is proud to speak at the nexo annual conference 2023. We are excited to share our extensive experience in payments and retail with you! Come and listen to our expert, Myriam Deschamps, who will join leading payments schemes and retailers for roundtable.

Fime is proud to have been selected as one of the speakers for Cyberworlds 2023. We are excited to present you our research paper in the filed of biometrics!

Notre monde est de plus en plus connecté. Les attentes des consommateurs évoluent. Ils recherchent des moyens plus rapides et plus pratiques pour réaliser leurs paiements. L'instantanéité dans le paiement est très attendue !

Quels sont les principaux défis liés à l'instantanéité dans le paiement aujourd'hui ?

Fime Consulting propose d'aborder cette problématique, en analysant les solutions possibles pour les différents acteurs.

In the world of innovation and technology, Fime is enabling trusted transactions worldwide across payment, authentication and banking. Come and visit us at our booth No B12.

Le taux d’acceptation et de conversion en e-commerce est aujourd’hui jugé trop bas pour beaucoup de marchands. La nécessité d’authentification et la complexité de l’acte de paiement sont souvent pointées comme responsables.
Le nouveau paiement frictionless pourrait être une solution de prédilection.

The development of a European Digital Identity framework is underway, and the adoption of the European Digital ID (EUDI) Wallet will be a significant advancement in how EU citizens interact with online merchants. This will be based on mutual trust, bringing about a more secure and reliable online experience.

Join us for this webinar to hear how the EUDI wallet will impact the digital and identity strategies of EU merchants and companies.

This online conference will explore the latest in the security industry, including innovative and evolving technologies, shift of policies, and challenging requirements of users.

Join us to hear about the impact of bias on biometric security and the user experience.

As a FIDO member, we are excited to participate in the FIDO seminar as a silver sponsor. Come and discover our demo about anti-spoofing on our booth!

Come and visit us at our booth C052 in hall 5.2 to meet our experts and learn about payment and authentication. Fime offers a one-stop-shop experience to help you at any stage of your project.

Come and meet our experts, Yris Brice Wandji Piugie and Abdarahmane Wone. They will present two scientific papers, co-authored by Fime and Normandie University of France, during the second day of the 21th International Conference on Cyberworlds 2022.

* Fime at Africa Pay & ID Expo. * Our team will visit you for sharing all you need to know about payment, including EMV 3DS, issuing and acquiring testing services . None [1] Africa Pay & ID Expo ,...

La solution SoftPOS a atteint aujourd’hui une maturité suffisante pour envisager son déploiement et son utilisation massive dans le monde. S’agit-il simplement d’une technologie complémentaire aux solutions existantes ou d’une véritable révolution dans les interactions avec les clients ?

Come and visit us at our booth R16 to meet our experts and learn about seamless mobility. Fime offers a one-stop-shop experience with mobile ticketing.

Fime is proud to sponsor the event Digital Banking Summit. It will bring on board a solid network of professionals who will share their experiences on the current sector challenges and opportunities about future trends in Digital Banking.

Learn how Fime can help you to manage Google Pay process and requirements with corresponding testing services. Watch our webinar to know more and ensure a seamless implementation plan.

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Built on 20 years of history, Seamless Middle East brings together every year the regional payments, banking and fintech ecosystem for two days of creative exchange, networking, inspiring talks. It is about the big ideas, market disruptors, top industry trends and technologies on which the future marketplace will operate.

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