Japan IT Week Spring. April 24-26, 2024

Meet us

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Japan IT Week Spring.

April 24-26, 2024
Tokyo Big Sight.
Japan IT Week Spring.

Japan IT Week Spring 春でお会いしましょう。




▶ 生体認証の実装に対する信頼を可能にします。
🕛4月24日は午後4時45分より🎤 門山 隆英
🕛4月25日は午後4時45分より🎤 奥野 誠  
🕛4月26日は午前11時より開始🎤 門山 隆英


奥野 誠

ビジネス ディベロッパー

夏目 理恵

セールス エグゼクティブ

門山 隆英


Meet us at Japan IT Week Spring. 

Wish to secure trust in your biometric solution implementation?
As a member of the FIDO Alliance and an accredited biometric laboratory, Fime can help you qualify your solution and protect your brands. We provide consulting and testing services to ensure the reliability and usability of your biometric implementation. 

Come and discover our services on our booth! 
April 24-26, Tokyo Big Sight.  
Booth #5 in FIDO Alliance pavilion.

Fime is speaking! 

Come and listen to our experts.
Makoto Okuno. Fime Japan Sales Developer.
Takahide Kadoyama. Fime Japan Country Manager.
They will deliver a presentation ▶ Enable trust to biometric implementations.
🕛April 24 at 16.45 JPT 🎤 Takahide Kadoyama
🕛April 25 at 16.45 JPT 🎤 Makoto Okuno
🕛April 26 at 11.00 JPT 🎤 Makoto Okuno
📌FIDO Alliance pavilion

Meet our experts.


Business Developer
Fime Japan


Sales Executive
Fime Japan

Takahide Kadoyama 

Country Manager
Fime Japan

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