How facial recognition solutions are unlocking the future of access control in Taiwan. July 19, 2024

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Fime has been selected by Bangladesh Bank to help launch the nation’s domestic card scheme. During this six-year partnership, Fime will provide consulting and testing services, and set up a certification body framework. By establishing this independent payment infrastructure, Bangladesh Bank is creating the stable, sovereign economic platform it needs to deliver financial security to its citizens.

Fime has been qualified by EMVCo to support 3DS Directory Server (DS) and Software Development Kit (SDK) testing in line with the latest version of the EMV®* 3-D Secure (EMV 3DS) Specifications. Its laboratory and testing platform can now be used by vendors wanting to migrate to EMV 3DS v2.3.1.1, which includes improved support for Secure Payment Confirmation (SPC) and automated out-of-band (OOB) authentication features.

Fime’s test suite can now help vendors and schemes address all areas of the EMV 3DS ecosystem and specifications.

By offering a full complement of EMV 3DS pre-compliance and compliance services through its accredited laboratories, Fime is able to support customers with an accelerated, streamlined and properly guided testing journey.

Fime is now supporting the certification of point of interaction (POI) solutions in line with the latest nexo standards implementation specifications. Based on nexo Fast specifications and nexo ISO 20022 protocols, the certification harmonizes the behavior and communication between the terminal, the acquirer host and the estate management system.

Fime has been recognized by Mastercard to test solutions in line with the Mastercard’s Enhanced Contactless specifications. The Ecos specifications look to future-proof contactless solutions against new technologies such as quantum computing. This allows consumers, merchants and financial institutions to benefit from enhanced convenience, trust and privacy.

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