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Fime’s CPV test tool supports the latest biometric, cryptographic and security requirements.

October 18, 2022

Fime’s CPV test tool supports the latest biometric, cryptographic and security requirements.

              Fime’s Card Personalization Validation tool has been updated to meet the latest requirements defined by major international and domestic payment schemes. PersevalPro Issuer, can now be used to test payment cards and contactless devices in line with additional personalization, biometric, cryptographic and security features. It enables issuers and personalization bureaus to launch innovative and interoperable products quickly and efficiently, while adhering to evolving payment specifications. 

              Use of the tool during product development can optimize the certification process. This helps to avoid the high costs and delays associated with failure to meet the necessary requirements. It also provides flexibility by allowing users to customize the testing environment to meet the needs of their ecosystem. Alongside a smooth and automated test process, customers can also benefit from Fime’s extensive end-to-end expertise. 

              Banks, card manufacturers and personalization bureaus must ensure that cards not only meet payment scheme requirements, but also avoid personalization issues that impact user experience. PersevalPro Issuer goes beyond ensuring that your product meets the standards defined by the global and local payment schemes. Its Quality Control module helps to build confidence that it will perform as intended. Our customers can leverage our 15 years of expertise and worldwide team of experts to effectively use PersevalPro Issuer to improve Quality Assurance and streamline the compliance process.
              Stéphanie El Rhomri

              VP Services at Fime

              Fime works closely with global and national payment schemes to ensure its card personalization validation test tool and certification modules meet the latest specifications and are kept up to date. Learn how Fime can help you pre-certify your device with the highest quality control.

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              Fime enables its clients to create and launch trusted and secure solutions with consulting and testing services in payments, smart mobility, biometrics, authentication and open banking. It offers global cross-industry perspective, local insight, and unique heritage in testing and certification. Fime’s consultants provide transformative business expertise, partnering with organizations worldwide to define, design, deliver and test their products and services. With 400+ experts around the world, Fime works strategically to help its clients turn ideas into reality, swiftly take products to market, and achieve competitive advantage. Working together, Fime turns powerful innovations into the future of trusted transactions.

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