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Harmonized and interoperable
 open banking.   
Reduce friction and accelerate the payment journey with API and security standards. 
Why Fime?
Deploy a sustainable
open banking ecosystem.
Increasing the interoperability of data sharing between banks and third-party vendors through standardized open APIs.

Secure payments and customer data.
Consistent and standardized API design make the consumer journey easy and intuitive, and demonstrate that you are respectful of their needs and privacy.

Save time and money on implementations.
Standards don’t just help developers to design APIs quickly, they also speed up implementation and reduce costs.

Maximize the interoperability of APIs.
Banks, fintechs and retailers benefit from more choice, as well as greater reach and efficiency when proposing payment methods to consumers. 
What we offer
Creating an interoperable open banking network.
Supporting the financial industry to adopt standardized data sharing protocols, making open banking easier for banks and TPPs to adopt for the benefit of end-users.
API security standards and specifications.
Helping you to build APIs and secure communication standards which leverage existing open banking API standards and specifications.
Certification body setup.
We offer end-to-end consultancy services to help build an open banking certification body, which defines the seamless digital certification journey along with documents needed to operate a payment scheme.
API test methodology.
We define how the API and secure communication L3 terminal should be tested, and provide a comprehensive and machine readable test plan.
Who we help?
Working with banks and payment networks.
We help financial institutions to create scalable and highly secure open banking networks.

We empower schemes and the developer community to implement standardized, interoperable and secure APIs.

  • Effective API standardization. 
  • Collaboration on standardized certification policies and guidelines. 
  • Work with us to certify your digital portals. 
  • Utilize our automated API test platform to simplify, speed up and reduce the cost of compliance. 

Learn more about Fime's expertise in: 

API test automation
STET enables fast-track open banking API validation. 
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