How facial recognition solutions are unlocking the future of access control in Taiwan. July 19, 2024

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for the whole payment ecosystem.
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With our global insights and disruptive expertise, we enable clients to create and launch reliable, interoperable and secure solutions.
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Comprehensive services to support innovation while ensuring interoperability, functionality and security

Fime experts enable you to utilize EMV® 3DS protocols to create seamless, enriched authentication experiences for card-not-present (CNP) e-commerce payments. 

We offer everything you need to create and launch successful, secure and qualified biometric authentication products and solutions. 

Mobile payment / SoftPOS
Enhance digital payment user experiences with our payment regulation compliance services for mobile devices and payment applications.

Fime is leading the convergence of physical and digital commerce by accelerating HCE and tokenization testing processes.

Contactless payment
Enable fast, secure and effortless contactless payments with Fime's expertise.

nexo standards
Harmonization is key for fast, interoperable and borderless payment acceptance for merchants, acquirers, payment service providers and other payment stakeholders.

Digitalization & test automation
Upgrade your testing methods with Fime's personalized cloud-based test tools and automated system integration services to swiftly go to market.

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