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Smart mobility  
testing services
Front-end devices, back-end systems, payment gateway solutions from fare media to APIs.

With our comprehensive expertise in Automated Fare Collection (AFC), ticketing and payments, we help our clients to design and certify reliable products.
What we offer
Reliable systems for high demand operations.
Rely on an accredited partner to understand complex and diverse standards.
The NCMC specification provides a comprehensive standard to encourage interoperability between AFC systems in India.

Alignment of AFC sub-systems is required to accept the RuPay card and guarantee a seamless travel experience.
Confirm that the validator or gate complies with the standards required by the European PTA/PTO (France, UK and Germany in AFC closed systems).

Training AFC ecosystem overview.

Understand all the various technologies, parties and players in the Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) ecosystem.

Training EMV® open loop systems .

Understand how to deploy EMV open loop in AFC systems.

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