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Interoperability paves the way for innovation. A unified ticketing network with pooled resources can enable investment in technologies that would typically be beyond the means of a single operator. This investment can create operational efficiencies, drive new streams of revenue, and help safeguard key payments and passenger movement data. This helps create a seamless, accessible and inclusive ticketing network that meets the needs of all passengers.

Payment innovation in Africa continues to grow and is key to increasing financial inclusion across the continent. As a key player in the African payments ecosystem, Verve needs to move quickly to meet the increasing appetite for digitized payments.

Implementation is always one of the most challenging parts of any product roll out. From getting commuters to work every day, to giving people the means to travel to see friends and family, the public transport is an integral aspect of people’s everyday lives. And in ticketing, the pressures to deliver this larger scope in a short amount of time are considerable.

Fime is pleased to speak at the Biometrics Institute webinar, where Joël Di Manno, Laboratory Biometric Service Line Manager will explore the importance of certification and the role of testing in deploying successful biometric solutions.

Our world is increasingly connected, and this brings with it an increased demand for digital solutions. This includes payments, with consumers now expecting them to be faster, more convenient and more secure than ever. Instant payments promise not only to meet these expectations but also surpass the capabilities of any current method of payment. It is on this basis that the European Payments Initiative (EPI) aims to change the way Europe pays.

As the world continues to experience a significant shift towards digital commerce, fraud has increased substantially. The pandemic has further exacerbated this trend, with fraud rates skyrocketing over the past year.

Developing and maintaining an interoperable ticketing scheme for an entire city, region or beyond presents many challenges. And while creating an interoperable scheme has a multitude of benefits, unified ticketing requires unified leadership. It is imperative that the authorities and operators working for a common system establish both a short-term and long-term vision for the project.

Our NFC RF test bench will be working with our Contactless Test Station III (CTS III) to demonstrate interoperability and compliance with the latest standards. And you will be able to see the innovation we did on biometric testing such as finger veins scan.

As a major domestic payments scheme, eftpos operates across multiple different certification platforms, each with different certification levels. It therefore needed a single platform that can deliver and manage a large number of certifications with varying requirements. A platform that can offer seamless customer interface to manage multiple large certification projects securely.

Fime is proud to speak at the nexo annual conference 2023. We are excited to share our extensive experience in payments and retail with you! Come and listen to our expert, Myriam Deschamps, who will join leading payments schemes and retailers for roundtable.

Fime is proud to have been selected as one of the speakers for Cyberworlds 2023. We are excited to present you our research paper in the filed of biometrics!

Fime has been selected by Bangladesh Bank to help launch the nation’s domestic card scheme. During this six-year partnership, Fime will provide consulting and testing services, and set up a certification body framework. By establishing this independent payment infrastructure, Bangladesh Bank is creating the stable, sovereign economic platform it needs to deliver financial security to its citizens.

Fime helped eftpos optimize its 3DS test plan in line with its local requirements, and then transformed it into machine-readable scripts. A comprehensive testing environment was developed and deployed for eftpos’ customers to assess their EMV 3DS modules prior to achieving official compliance.

Fime has been qualified by EMVCo to support 3DS Directory Server (DS) and Software Development Kit (SDK) testing in line with the latest version of the EMV®* 3-D Secure (EMV 3DS) Specifications. Its laboratory and testing platform can now be used by vendors wanting to migrate to EMV 3DS v2.3.1.1, which includes improved support for Secure Payment Confirmation (SPC) and automated out-of-band (OOB) authentication features.

Notre monde est de plus en plus connecté. Les attentes des consommateurs évoluent. Ils recherchent des moyens plus rapides et plus pratiques pour réaliser leurs paiements. L'instantanéité dans le paiement est très attendue !

Quels sont les principaux défis liés à l'instantanéité dans le paiement aujourd'hui ?

Fime Consulting propose d'aborder cette problématique, en analysant les solutions possibles pour les différents acteurs.

Domestic schemes in many countries have grown from strength to strength, digitalizing and innovating to keep up with their international counterparts. One area where it is especially important to keep pace is cardholder authentication. It is imperative that domestic schemes provide state of the art security without inhibiting the user experience.

In today's digital age, payments have become increasingly strategic for merchants, especially when it comes to their customer relationships. Payment solutions play a critical role in helping merchants to convert sales and build customer loyalty. Poor payment implementation has an immediate impact on conversion rates, and therefore on the merchant's bottom line.

The rapid growth in the Internet of Things (IoT) and connectivity is transforming industry sectors that previously have been left untouched by the world of connected devices. In areas ranging from large-scale infrastructure projects down to fish tank temperature sensors (1), linked devices are now ubiquitous - and each and every one of them is at risk of attack.

In the world of innovation and technology, Fime is enabling trusted transactions worldwide across payment, authentication and banking. Come and visit us at our booth No B12.

Le taux d’acceptation et de conversion en e-commerce est aujourd’hui jugé trop bas pour beaucoup de marchands. La nécessité d’authentification et la complexité de l’acte de paiement sont souvent pointées comme responsables.
Le nouveau paiement frictionless pourrait être une solution de prédilection.

Consumers are now used to tapping their card to make payments. The problem is, not all merchants can afford the onboarding and maintenance fees of legacy point of sale (POS) systems. This is a notable obstacle, especially as the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digitalization, leading to a surge in contactless payments.

The development of a European Digital Identity framework is underway, and the adoption of the European Digital ID (EUDI) Wallet will be a significant advancement in how EU citizens interact with online merchants. This will be based on mutual trust, bringing about a more secure and reliable online experience.

Join us for this webinar to hear how the EUDI wallet will impact the digital and identity strategies of EU merchants and companies.

This year’s TTG brought together engaged stakeholders from throughout the public transport community for two days of insightful keynotes, panels and discussions.
So, what are the key challenges and opportunities facing the transport ticketing ecosystem? While many topics were discussed by the major players in ticketing, a few key themes stood out.

This online conference will explore the latest in the security industry, including innovative and evolving technologies, shift of policies, and challenging requirements of users.

Join us to hear about the impact of bias on biometric security and the user experience.

Fime’s test suite can now help vendors and schemes address all areas of the EMV 3DS ecosystem and specifications.

By offering a full complement of EMV 3DS pre-compliance and compliance services through its accredited laboratories, Fime is able to support customers with an accelerated, streamlined and properly guided testing journey.

As a FIDO member, we are excited to participate in the FIDO seminar as a silver sponsor. Come and discover our demo about anti-spoofing on our booth!

Check out our biometrics series podcast and listen to our Biometrics & AI Researcher, Brice Wandji Piugie to take a closer look at keystroke dynamics. In the podcast, we will explore the scientific paper: Keystroke Dynamics based User Authentication using Deep Learning Neural Networks.

Biometric authentication offers an innovative way for a user to authenticate themselves. A user’s face, iris, fingerprint or even voice can be used to authenticate a payment. This provides a seamless user experience without compromising on security. However, a successful project requires careful strategic planning and execution to navigate the necessary security and regulatory challenges.

In this TV interview with BFM BUSINESS, Fime CEO Lionel Grosclaude discusses the importance of the user experience in the payment journey. He explores how Fime helps clients define a clear payment strategy and implement it successfully for seamless, secure payments.

Come and visit us at our booth C052 in hall 5.2 to meet our experts and learn about payment and authentication. Fime offers a one-stop-shop experience to help you at any stage of your project.

As adoption of biometric authentication increases, so does the need to ensure that biometric systems are resistant to attacks. Presentation attacks, such spoofing, which aim to "spoof" a biometric verification or identification procedure, can compromise biometric authentication. Fime is exploring how to transform genuine biometric images into synthetic spoofs and evaluate the robustness of biometric systems in detecting presentation attacks.

Come and meet our experts, Yris Brice Wandji Piugie and Abdarahmane Wone. They will present two scientific papers, co-authored by Fime and Normandie University of France, during the second day of the 21th International Conference on Cyberworlds 2022.

With digital payments picking up steam around the world, it could be said that the future of the physical card is uncertain. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the rate of digitalization, with new ways to make a touchless card payment – such as QR codes, mobile wallets and contactless payments – becoming widespread.

Transport ticketing has rapidly evolved in the digital age. As recently as the 1990s, closed loop systems based around paper tickets or tokens were the norm. This resulted in a poor user experience. Lines to purchase tickets were often long, and turnstile throughput was inefficient. Today, passengers can use a smartcard or even their phone as their ticket, utilizing contactless and Near Field Communication (NFC) functionality to tap-and-go.

Swiss-based Netcetera provides software solutions in secure digital payments, financial technologies, transport and more. Netcetera is working with 500 banking institutions plus 160,000 merchants and PSPs to provide EMV® 3-D Secure (3DS) protection to over 50+ million cards worldwide.

* Fime at Africa Pay & ID Expo. * Our team will visit you for sharing all you need to know about payment, including EMV 3DS, issuing and acquiring testing services . None [1] Africa Pay & ID Expo ,...

The value of digital transactions was projected to reach $8.49 trillion (USD) in 2022, growing annually thereafter by 12.31% to a projected $15.17 trillion (USD) by 2027. At the same time, in the onli...

La solution SoftPOS a atteint aujourd’hui une maturité suffisante pour envisager son déploiement et son utilisation massive dans le monde. S’agit-il simplement d’une technologie complémentaire aux solutions existantes ou d’une véritable révolution dans les interactions avec les clients ?

Come and visit us at our booth R16 to meet our experts and learn about seamless mobility. Fime offers a one-stop-shop experience with mobile ticketing.

Keyless’ next-generation biometric authentication eliminates the need to process and store biometric data, enabling passwordless authentication for users in a way that exceeds GDPR and is PSD2 ready. With device-agnostic software, organizations have the ability to provide a consistent and intuitive user experience, that is user friendly, private and secure.

User adoption of biometric authentication has accelerated in recent years, yet some users are still cautious. Fime is exploring ways to innovate on biometric evaluation to help solution providers to launch reliable and high-performance products. In this interview, Communications Director Stéphanie Pietri speaks to Joël and Abdarahmane about Fime’s recently published paper on environmental impact.

ELAN is a Taiwan-based company specializing in fingerprint sensors and integrated circuit design technology. After years of successfully developing solutions for laptop touchpads, ELAN has recently diversified into the mobile and payments ecosystem. Utilizing their innovative Match-on-Chip fingerprint sensors, ELAN is working to adapt their technology to deliver a secure, seamless biometric authentication solution for mobile and card payments.

Fime is proud to sponsor the event Digital Banking Summit. It will bring on board a solid network of professionals who will share their experiences on the current sector challenges and opportunities about future trends in Digital Banking.

It was good to be back! Money 20/20 Europe 2021 brought together key players from throughout payments for a series of presentations and debates on the key concerns and opportunities within the industry. From global leaders to dynamic startups, the event brought together over 1,500 people to share thoughts and ideas.

Today, contactless cards provide a fast and frictionless payment experience, where up to a certain value, the normal cardholder verification method of entering a PIN is not needed. It has revolutionized payments for low value items.

Indian payments technology firm Uvik specializes in mobile payment solutions. Its SoftPOS solution can turn Android phones with contactless technology into payments terminals without additional hardware. Both local and global banks are working to adopt the solution to reduce costs and drive financial inclusion for small and medium retailers.

Fime is now supporting the certification of point of interaction (POI) solutions in line with the latest nexo standards implementation specifications. Based on nexo Fast specifications and nexo ISO 20022 protocols, the certification harmonizes the behavior and communication between the terminal, the acquirer host and the estate management system.

Transport ticketing has rapidly evolved in the digital age. As recently as the 1990s, closed loop systems based around paper tickets or tokens were the norm. This resulted in a poor user experience. Lines to purchase tickets were often long, and turnstile throughput was inefficient. Today, passengers can use a smartcard or even their phone as their ticket, utilizing contactless and Near Field Communication (NFC) functionality to tap-and-go.

Fintechs aim to challenge traditional financial services thinking with the use of innovative technologies. In doing so, they can often provide a better user experience than entrenched methods. These improvements include speeding up transactions, lowering the number of rejected payments, giving greater insight into finances and creating more seamless payment processes.

Fime has been recognized by Mastercard to test solutions in line with the Mastercard’s Enhanced Contactless specifications. The Ecos specifications look to future-proof contactless solutions against new technologies such as quantum computing. This allows consumers, merchants and financial institutions to benefit from enhanced convenience, trust and privacy.

The trend towards biometric authentication has been further accelerated by the global pandemic. Hygienic touchless identification solutions have become critically important. And, with customers already familiar with using biometric solutions on their phones, the growth of this industry only looks to continue. In this blog we will evaluate this growth and discuss some of the potential opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

Digital payments have sky-rocketed in popularity as consumers have sought new, more hygienic ways to pay. SoftPOS payments offer numerous benefits to consumers and merchants alike. Comprised of software solutions that run on Android Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) devices, they can enable digital payment acceptance in a cost-effective and simple way.

In today’s frequently changing payments landscape, stakeholders are embracing new technologies to reflect shifting consumer behaviors. One such technology is SoftPOS, a solution which uses Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) devices to accept contactless payments. In fact, 41% of small business owners are investigating the possibility of accepting payments via mobile device.

Qonto is the European leader in Business Finance management for SMEs and freelancers founded by Steve and Alexandre Prot. More than a bank, Qonto simplifies everyday banking, accounting and expense management for more than 150,000 businesses, with its fast and innovative product, responsive customer service and transparent prices.

Learn how Fime can help you to manage Google Pay process and requirements with corresponding testing services. Watch our webinar to know more and ensure a seamless implementation plan.

The global digital payment market is expected to reach $236.10 billion by 2028. With much of this growth attributed to the emergence of new technologies, those looking to capitalize on the growth of digital might not know where to start.

With the global digital payments market set to be worth some $8,059.3 billion by 2023 , at a CAGR of 20%, payments are undergoing a rapid period of growth and transformation.

New payment methods, such as real-time payments, initiatives such as open banking, and technologies like as biometrics, all contribute to a constantly evolving ecosystem. The potential for innovation and optimization is clear.

But if this value is to be realized, players must first ensure the security and interoperability of new products and technologies. A robust certification process is one way to achieve this.

In this interview with The Digital Fifth, Angaj Bhandari discusses the various subjects on open banking from global and Indian perspective. He shares his view on business models, standardization and implementation of open banking. He also explains how Fime can support ecosystem players to come on board smoothly and securely.

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Built on 20 years of history, Seamless Middle East brings together every year the regional payments, banking and fintech ecosystem for two days of creative exchange, networking, inspiring talks. It is about the big ideas, market disruptors, top industry trends and technologies on which the future marketplace will operate.

After several months of research, 16 banks representing 5 European countries (Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain) approved the official launch of a new European payment scheme called the European Payments Initiative (EPI) on July 2nd 2020. In this series, we explore the purpose of the initiative and how it plans to achieve its ambitious goals.

SmartPesa develops payments and agency banking solutions for merchantsand banks across the globe. Using an intuitive mobile app and / or card terminal, merchants enjoy a simple unified one-stop solution for accepting smart multi-channel payments online and offline, instant access to transaction histories and automated reconciliations....

In this TV interview with BFM BUSINESS, Fime CEO Lionel Grosclaude discusses the complexities facing the global payments ecosystem & explains how Fime is supporting stakeholders to keep up with the latest technologies, standards & market needs.

mada is the brand name for the payment scheme in Saudi Arabia. mada central payment switch processes all inter-bank automated teller machines (ATMs) transactions and directly drives all point-of-sale (POS) terminals on behalf of acquirer banks throughout the country.

PCI DSS has been around for a long time but, shockingly, some payments actors do not take it seriously and others do not even know if they fall under its scope.

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fluctuat nec mergitur. Ensure readiness of your terminal for payment scheme approval. * Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nulla quam velit, vulputate eu pharetra nec, mattis ac neque. Duis vulputate ...

In this Q&A, we speak to Pierre Aurel, Product Manager at Synthesis, to learn more about how FIME supported them to achieve the first automated Mastercard TEI accreditation for a new SoftPOS solution.

Check out our ‘Fintech with Fime’ podcast and listen our expert Jean Fang speaking about 3DS.

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