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Discussing the user experience with behavioral biometrics.

December 12, 2022
By Fime
Discussing the user experience with behavioral biometrics.

Check out our biometrics series podcast.

Click here to listen to our Biometrics & AI Researcher, Brice Wandji Piugie and take a closer look at keystroke dynamics. In this podcast, we will explore the scientific paper Keystroke Dynamics based User Authentication using Deep Learning Neural Networks.

The questions we will answer
1. Why is a keystroke dynamics?
2. What did Fime do?
3. What were the finding of this research?
4. What does it mean for the future of biometrics?

The aim of this research was to evaluate the use of keystroke dynamics as a behavioral biometric, and how deep learning can be used to improve the reliability of this type of authentication. to deciphering the scientific paper.
Brice Wandji Piugie
Artificial Intelligence, Biometrics Researcher at Fime.

Read the full Q&A blog in which Stéphanie Pietri, Communications Director at Fime, speaks to Yris Brice Wandji Piugie, Artificial Intelligence, Biometrics Researcher at Fime.

They discuss Fime’s scientific paper to explore new ways to deploy keystroke dynamics to authenticate users. The paper was awarded best paper at the Cyberworlds 2022 event in September


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