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Payment is a strategic differentiator for domestic schemes.

June 13, 2023
By Arnaud Crouzet, VP Consulting at Fime
Payment is a strategic differentiator for domestic schemes.
For merchants, the payment experience has become business critical, and vital to their relationships with customers. They need frictionless payments that are integrated into the customer buying journey.
Arnaud Crouzet
VP Consulting at Fime

In today's digital age, payments have become increasingly strategic for merchants, especially when it comes to their customer relationships. Payment solutions play a critical role in helping merchants to convert sales and build customer loyalty. Poor payment implementation has an immediate impact on conversion rates, and therefore on the merchant's bottom line. 

Merchants require payment solutions that offer a seamless checkout experience. This includes easy-to-use interfaces, a variety of payment methods, and secure payment processing. The integration of payment solutions with other business processes and software is essential, as this helps to automate the payment process, minimize processing costs, and simplify payment reconciliation. Merchants that offer such payment solutions stand a better chance of winning and retaining customers. As a result, payment solution methods offered by merchants have become an important marketing differentiator and growth driver. 

Domestic schemes must respond to evolving market demands by offering payment solutions that meet the needs of merchants and their customers. They need to provide solutions that offer a seamless checkout experience, while mitigating the risks of fraud and chargebacks. 

Domestic schemes can support merchants by giving them access to a wide range of payment solutions, enabling them to improve conversion rates. They can also develop a direct and close relationship with merchants and become the primary link between merchants and banks. One example of how domestic schemes can use their unique position to support merchants is by setting up dedicated programs to help low-risk merchants improve their transaction rates. They can also offer specific services for the automatic renewal of cards on file, improve the cut-off time for Merchant Initiated Transfer (MIT) splitting, and provide a delegated authentication program that meets the needs and objectives of both merchants and banks. 

Fime Consulting has extensive experience working with merchants and understanding their payment needs. We help improve payment conversion rates and identify and implement fraud management systems. We also help merchants to understand changes in regulation and payment scheme rules, and deploy new, innovative and compliant payment solutions. 

By working with Fime, domestic schemes can leverage their knowledge and expertise in business consulting, payment solution development, and testing to deliver effective payment solutions that meet the evolving needs of merchants and their customers.

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