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Fime partners with Android™ for biometric security evaluation.

December 02, 2020

Fime partners with Android™ for biometric security evaluation.

Fime has become one of the test laboratories able to perform Androidj biometric security evaluation. A growing number and variety of Android devices rely on face and fingerprint recognition for device unlock and user authentication. All implementations must meet Android’s requirements to protect end-users.

Fime is now helping smartphone OEMs, and biometric component and software providers to evaluate anti-spoofing abilityk and achieve successful Android compliance.

To ensure stronger security, Android encourages its partners to have their biometric security evaluated by a test laboratory that meets Android requirements. Our experts and lab services have supported the biometric community to verify the performance and spoof attack detection biometric solutions for a range of standards. This is an exciting new offering to facilitate smoother, more secure user experiences..
Stéphanie El Rhomri
Vice President of Testing Services at Fime.

From expert consultation to training, tools, laboratory validation services and tailored testing services Fime helps the biometric and device OEM communities to launch innovations quickly, easily and safely. 

jAndroid is a trademark of Google LLC.
kSpoofability is measured by the Spoof Acceptance Rate (SAR) of the biometric. SAR is a metric to measure how resilient biometric technology is against a dedicated attacker

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