How facial recognition solutions are unlocking the future of access control in Taiwan. July 19, 2024

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Optimizing biometric solutions for payments.


Optimizing biometric solutions for payments.
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About ELAN

ELAN is a Taiwan-based company specializing in fingerprint sensors and integrated circuit design technology. After years of successfully developing solutions for laptop touchpads, ELAN has recently diversified into the mobile and payments ecosystem. Utilizing their innovative Match-on-Chip fingerprint sensors, ELAN is working to adapt their technology to deliver  a secure, seamless biometric authentication solution for mobile and card payments.

The challenge

As a relative newcomer to payments, ELAN needed to better understand the industry, its requirements and standards. It was also keen to differentiate its technology in an increasingly saturated biometric sensor market. ELAN needed a partner who could help them achieve multiple payment industry compliance, starting with Mastercard, and benchmark their solution againstcompetitors.

Fime was a reliable and strong partner that helped us explore and navigate the payments industry, allowing us to adapt our biometric solutions for success.
Joe Yeh
Executive Assistant President’s office at ELAN

Customer requirements

ELAN set out to establish itself as a reputable brand in payments by demonstrating the quality of its secure, seamless authentication solution. To do this, it wanted to initially achieve Mastercard compliance before aligning with other payment industry heavyweights. Importantly, in an extremely fast paced and competitive market, it wanted to achieve compliance as efficiently as possible to enable a faster time to market.

Fime’s solution

Fime defined a roadmap to support every step of the process. Fime experts initially offered specialist training and consultancy, running a series of workshops to help ELAN better understand the market and certification processes. The team then tailored a test strategy to improve product attack detection and anti-spoofing performance. They also optimized the False Acceptance Rate (FAR) and False Rejection Rate (FRR) before tailoring a testing strategy to achieve successful type approval.

Working with Fime

  • Throughout the project, Fime utilized its connections with all major international payment schemes, and its understanding of payments industry requirements to help facilitate seamless onboarding of the solution.
  • We made use of its global presence to offer support across multiple regions in various local languages. This aligned well with ELAN’s global outreach marketing strategy.
  • We supported ELAN in validating its solution and reaching compliance with multiple standards across various authentication domains.
  • We provided a customer-oriented mindset and tailored test strategy to support ELAN in finding the most cost-effective way to complete the project.

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