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Fime launches Smartspy+ to evaluate any transaction, anywhere.

March 03, 2020

Fime launches Smartspy+ to evaluate any transaction, anywhere.

Fime has launched its new Smartspy+ solution to support the adoption of contact and contactless transaction technologies for payments, transport and access control. Enhanced portability and performance allow product developers and system integrators to check, debug and validate their products wherever they are. This accelerates time to market for smart cards, NFC tags, ePassports, mobile devices and readers by identifying interoperability issues quickly and easily. 

“Smartspy+ is the best contact and contactless spy solution ever conceived by Fime,” comments Raphaël Guilley, VP Testing Solutions at Fime. Its new hardware - the Fime Probe+ - is smaller, lighter and more portable. It features a longer battery life and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication to avoid restricting wires. The Smartspy+ Analyzer software combines enhanced user experience with new features to fully meet the latest mobility needs of product developers.

“The world is going contactless. Everyone’s aware of contactless cards and mobile payments, but this technology has far wider applications. Many top automotive manufacturers are working on mobile digital car key pilots and access control is increasingly adopting contactless cards and smartphones. These products need to communicate swiftly, precisely and in an interoperable way,” adds Raphaël. “Quick and simple debug testing is essential to fast-track the product development process. This upgrade gives our customers the tool they need to ensure their product is ready to succeed.”


Identiv has been using Fime's Smartspy Contact and Contactless tools for a number of years, and with the new Smartspy+ our product development process just got considerably more efficient. The device makes it much easier to develop and test the protocol communication between our smart card readers and cards. In highly competitive markets where compliance with ISO/IEC standards is a must, the advanced Smartspy+ reduces our development process, as well as qualification cycles, for any new product we launch to the market.
Stephane Ardiley
Identiv, Director Product Management

To find out more about the new Fime Smartspy+ solution, visit our website or contact your local Fime office.

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