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Supporting Keyless with  biometric authentication certification.


Supporting Keyless with  biometric authentication certification.
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Fime creates and launches successful, secure and qualified biometric authentication products and solutions.
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About Keyless

Keyless’ next-generation biometric authentication eliminates the need to process and store biometric data, enabling passwordless authentication for users in a way that exceeds GDPR and is PSD2 ready. With device-agnostic software, organizations have the ability to provide a consistent and intuitive user experience, that is user friendly, private and secure.

The challenge

Keyless’ aim is to develop solutions that enable users to securely access any digital service from any device. It does this while eliminating the need for businesses to centrally store, process or manage any private data.

It needed to achieve FIDO Biometric Component Certification for its biometric enterprise security platform. This certification shows that it can reliably authenticate users correctly and detect fraudulent authentication attempts. 

Conducting testing for the FIDO Biometric Component Certification requires a trusted partner with experience in the biometric authentication field. Fime guided us throughout the testing process, and answered all our questions with a deep level of technical expertise.
Paolo Gasti 
Co-Founder and CTO at Keyless

Customer requirements

As one of only seven vendors in the world to have their proprietary biometric software certified by FIDO, Keyless wanted to ensure that its authentication technology met globally recognized security and privacy standards. This certification provides users with confidence in its solution.

To achieve certification, it needed to test the performance and presentation attack detection of its biometric security platform in line with user verification and spoof detection accuracy industry standards.

It had to abide by compulsory GDPR regulations. As the technology utilizes personal data, security and privacy are of the utmost concern.

Fime’s solution

Fime defined a bespoke testing plan unique to Keyless’ solution to ensure it met FIDO’s criteria. It also supported with debug sessions and preparation of documentation ahead of certification. 

The PAD testing incorporated a series of presentation attack instruments, including photographs, fingerprints and videos. Fime helped ensure that the solution passed both Level A and B spoofs with high confidence. This indicates that Keyless’ technology far exceeds industry security standards for biometric performance.

As an active member of the FIDO Alliance certification working group, Fime could offer unique insight into the rigorous demands of the certification.

Working with Fime

Throughout the project, Fime:

  • Used 20+ years of certification expertise to help Keyless understand the required testing and certification processes.
  • Offered invaluable insight into FIDO’s certification requirements.
  • Created a tailored test plan specific to Keyless’ solution. 

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