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Fime unifies Taiwanese smart retail & mobility with new mobile standard.

September 03, 2019

Fime unifies Taiwanese smart retail &amp; mobility with new mobile standard.

Fime has supported the Taiwan Association of Information and Communication Standards (TAICS) to standardize contactless transit fare collection and micro retail payments. To address the challenges presented by varying standards across different devices, Fime was tasked with defining specifications and establishing certification requirements.

Fime is now working with mobile device and contactless reader manufacturers to help them to align with the standards and achieve formal approval. This work is set to enhance interoperability across payments and ticketing form factors.

With multiple e-ticketing, mobile and contactless reader brands across Taiwan, greater standardization was important to ensure a seamless and secure experience for shoppers and travelers. To achieve this, we needed partners to support us throughout the entire process. Fime's expertise across transport, payments and mobile has enabled us to bring together the right technologies to enable the future of digital mobility in Taiwan.
Chia-Pang Yen
Division of International Affairs Director at TAICS 

“Payments and ticketing services are rapidly digitizing to meet demand for quicker, slicker and more convenient consumer experiences,” adds James Daniels, Head of Asia Pacific, at Fime. “This digital transformation brings unprecedented interoperability, security and compliance challenges. Especially when you merge the retail and transport ecosystems. Without interoperability between mobile devices and contactless readers, consumers will become frustrated and adoption will be slow. Our full stack of end-to-end services is already delivering quality and convenience in Taiwan and we look forward to our continued partnership with TAICS.”

For more information on how Fime can support the testing, certification and launch of payments and transport ticketing services, visit the Fime website.

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