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Ensuring EMV 3DS compliance with the latest standards.


Ensuring EMV 3DS compliance with the latest standards.
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Fime experts enable you to utilize EMV® 3DS protocols to create seamless, enriched authentication experiences for card-not-present (CNP) e-commerce payments.

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About Netcetera

Swiss-based Netcetera provides software solutions in secure digital payments, financial technologies, transport and more. It covers the entire IT service lifecycle – from strategy to implementation to operation – using a combination of innovative technologies and proven standards to ensure investment security. Netcetera is working with 500 banking institutions plus 160,000 merchants and PSPs to provide EMV® 3-D Secure (3DS) protection to over 50+ million cards worldwide.

The challenge

Netcetera’s EMV 3DS solutions ensure that online payments can be made reliably, seamlessly and securely. As a leader in the EMV 3DS ecosystem, Netcetera needed to remain at the cutting edge of the industry and meet multiple market and payment scheme requirements. Ensuring its EMV 3DS solutions remained compliant with the latest EMVCo protocols was essential, even when they were adapted to market-specific requirements.

Fime’s proactive customer support and simple test platform were key to helping us evolve our EMV 3DS solutions in line with the latest requirements. 
Tanja Steinhoff
Senior Product Manager at Netcetera

Customer requirements

Netcetera set a goal to become the first payment solution provider to comply with the latest EMVCo protocols, across its issuing and acquiring solutions, for customers around the world. 

To do this, it needed access to dynamic, user-oriented testing tools that would allow it to test and measure the performance of its solutions in real-time. It also required an active communication channel with both Fime’s technical support, and EMVCo itself, to clarify and address requirements during the test session and when updates are released.  

Fime’s solution

Fime helped Netcetera achieve compliance for multiple 3DS modules including ACS, 3DS Server and SDKs on iOS and Android. This utilized Fime’s ISO 27001-certified, EMVCo-qualified test platform and accredited laboratory services.

Fime’s dedicated project team and support channels provided full process and technical assistance for any queries while working closely with Netcetera to adapt its EMV 3DS solutions to meet EMVCo requirements.

With ambitious timelines, Fime’s dedicated onboarding service helped to create a smooth process and environmental setup which proved key to success.

Working with Fime

Throughout the project, Fime: 

  • Offered proactive, step-by-step procedural and technical guidance to help Netcetera understand and manage the entire process.
  • Personalized the testing experience to Netcetera’s specific requirements.
  • Provided on-demand support to troubleshoot and answer live queries on the testing process or the test platform itself.
  • Used deep knowledge and experience of EMV 3DS to ensure project success.

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