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SoftPOS: achieving functional and security certification for Uvik.


SoftPOS: achieving functional and security certification for Uvik.
Fime expertise
Fime offers testing services to support the certification of software-based mobile point of sale (softPOS) solutions against the latest scheme specifications, test plans and security requirements.

About Uvik

Indian payments technology firm Uvik specializes in mobile payment solutions. Its SoftPOS solution can turn Android phones with contactless technology into payments terminals without additional hardware. Both local and global banks are working to adopt the solution to reduce costs and drive financial inclusion for small and medium retailers.

The challenge

Uvik needed to meet the new and evolving SoftPOS guidelines of multiple major payment schemes, Mastercard, Visa and RuPay. Achieving certification as part of a pilot program means that the requirements are not only extremely new in the industry, but also still evolving. This meant it needed a partner to guide it through the vital steps of pre-validation and certification, while keeping up with the latest developments.

This project was an important step in our journey. Previously it has been difficult for small merchants in India to accept digital payments due to high costs. We aim to change this with our SoftPOS solution. As our well-established partner, we trusted Fime to help us achieve this important certification. 
Rahul Hirve
Founder and CEO at Uvik

Customer requirements

Uvik needed to validate the functionality and security of its SoftPOS with PIN entry solution. The solution allows Android smartphones to accept contactless card and mobile payments, both above and below the CVM limit. A partner like Fime was essential to help ensure that its solution met the relevant Mastercard, Visa and RuPay requirements. 

As the first Tap on Phone with PIN solution validated in India, the project was certified using a pilot scheme. Therefore, Uvik required an agile and flexible partner that could work in parallel with the constantly changing standards.  

Fime’s solution

Fime’s end-to-end support led Uvik through the functionality and security certification process. This included:

  • Understanding and navigating the requirements of international and domestic schemes.

  • Ensuring its solution met the relevant functionality requirements of the SoftPOS pilot certification programs. This involved checking that Uvik’s solution met the necessary performance and handset compatibility standards. 

  • Confirming it was aligned with the relevant security requirements. This encompassed pre-certification security support, as well as official security evaluation via Fime’s trusted partner, Riscure.

Working with Fime

Throughout the project, Fime: 

  • Advised on best practices for contactless technology using its expertise from previous projects.
  • Utilized its well-established connections in the payments industry to connect Uvik to the relevant stakeholders required to complete the project. 
  • Used its extensive knowledge of the payment system requirements to guide Uvik through the new and complex certification processes from start to finish. 

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