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Fime receives latest nexo standards accreditation.

September 23, 2019

Fime receives latest nexo standards accreditation.

Fime has been authorized by PayCert to evaluate payment solution implementations against the latest nexo standards Acquirer Protocol v6.0. This completes Fime’s end-to-end portfolio of nexo standards services. It can now support nexo standards implementations with training and consultancy services, right through to the testing and the certification processes. 

The nexo standards Acquirer Protocol standardizes the communication between the POI device and the acquirer hosts. It is utilized by banks, merchants, device manufacturers and payments processors. The protocol helps stakeholders significantly reduce implementation and system management costs, and deliver seamless interoperability across borders.

Adoption of nexo standards protocols has gathered significant momentum. For our goal to bring interoperability to the acceptance ecosystem to be successful and sustainable, testing is fundamental.  International testing labs like Fime support the expansion of nexo standards, foster innovation and speed up deployment of quality implementations. But this is just the beginning – we’re committed to delivering testing support across all protocols and look forward to Fime’s continued support.
Claude Brun
Chairman at nexo standards

“It’s an exciting and pivotal time for nexo standards,” comments Arnaud Crouzet, Vice President, Security and Consulting at Fime, “European retailers are driving adoption, pushing global acquirers and POI vendors to keep up. We’re committed to supporting all stakeholders with the industry’s most extensive nexo standards offering. We’re offering dedicated end-to-end support with training and business consultancy, through to testing and certification. As champions of payments innovation and standardization, we look forward to contributing to the continued success of nexo standards.”

To learn more about the importance of nexo standards and how Fime can help ensure a smooth migration project, see our blog “What is nexo standards?”, download our eBook or visit the Fime website.  

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