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Open banking testing service

Sahamati certification services

Fast track adherence to Account Aggregator ecosystems

Sahamati, an industry alliance for the Account Aggregator (AA) ecosystem in India, drives adoption, innovation and compliance in line with regulatory standards amongst industry participants. To become a part of the Account Aggregator ecosystem, participant organizations must follow ReBIT guidelines for API & functional flow. 

Sahamati certification services

Successfully self-assess conformance against ReBIT technical specifications.

All participants organizations of the Account Aggregator ecosystem must follow ReBIT guidelines for API & functional flow to become a part of the Account Aggregator ecosystem. TrustAPI+ enables to quickly and reliably self-test their implementations for compliance and security.

Key benefits

  • Benefit from an easy and smooth onboarding experience.

  • Integrate pre-compliance and compliance testing into a seamless flow.

  • Conduct unlimited testing and debugging prior to compliance validation.

  • Secure information management certified by ISO 27001.

  • Select and run customized test cases with different filters.

  • Accelerate problem-solving with expert support.

  • Identify, review and resolve issues efficiently with a designated log view.

  • Work with local API expertise centres and support teams.

How it works.

  • Access a cloud and subscription-based API test platform.
  • Perform pre-compliance self-testing and debugging.
  • Receive remote issue analysis support.
  • Submit online pre-compliance and compliance logs and test reports to Fime's API expertise center.
  • Confirm reports and request authority approval from Sahamati.
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  • ReBIT v1.1.2 FIU


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