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L1 testing tool


Low cost smart card and mobile payment performance testing.

Contact and contactless performance self-certifications with a qualified solution.


Adaptive performance testing based on accredited libraries or on your own test plan.

Banks are required to perform contact and contactless performance self-certifications by payment networks. This can be time consuming and costly due to the use of high-performance simulators.

To manage this process quickly, easily and safely, Fime has developed a low cost solution called VeriTransac. This solution enables banks to demonstrate contact and contactless performance to the payment networks, without the unnecessary functionality and cost of high-performance simulators.

Key benefits

  • Officially qualify your product against MCBP, Express AEIPS and ExpressPay performance test plans.

  • Manage performance testing with your own criteria.

  • Save time and money with a low cost solution.


Key features

  • Configurable performance test plan with custom libraries.

  • Officially qualified libraries for Mastercard MCBP,  American Express AEIPS and ExpressPay Mobile-SE and Card.

  • Compliant for contact and contactless protocol exchange.

  • HTML report file.

How it works.

  • The solution is composed of a software platform (VeriTransac) with libraries and a FCE probe.

  • After creating the test session, simply connect the product to the hardware to perform the test session.

What's in the box.

  • Emulator hardware: FCE probe.

  • Software installer.


  • Mastercard MCBP mobile v1.0 (qualified)

  • American Express AEIPS v4.4 (qualified)

  • American Express ExpressPay Mobile-SE and Card v4.0 (qualified)
  • American Express ExpressPay HCE v1.8

  • Mastercard MCBP mobile v2.0

  • Custom library

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