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Training - Mobile Payment - Giant Pay - 1 day

Working with the Giant Pay platforms.


[TRMOB01] Training - Mobile Payment - Giant Pay - 1 day

Course overview

This training introduces the different Giant Pay platforms (Android Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay) and provides you with the key information to enable you to work with them to deliver new payment services.

It also analyzes the impact of these projects on existing ecosystems and business models.


  • Understand contactless payment technology

  • Understand the different Giant Pay platforms

  • Identify the different players involved and their responsibilities

  • Assess the security level of each platform

  • Evaluate what is the gap between working with Giant Pay and proposing your own mobile payment service

  • Identify the challenges and the key considerations to launch your go-to-market strategy

  • Review and implement recommendations

Key topics

  • Contactless mobile payment

  • Android Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay

  • Cloud-based payment ecosystem

  • The impact of contactless mobile payment's impacts on legacy systems



  • Introduction to contactless mobile payments

  • Cloud-based payment ecosystem

  • Apple Pay


  • Samsung Pay

  • Android Pay

  • Building your own platform

  • Wrap-up  

Course details


1 day.


10 max.


Payment schemes, issuing banks, merchants, marketing managers, mobile payment managers and IT managers.


No prerequisite.

Training pack

Includes a binder, notebook, pen, USB key and your official certificate.

Added benefits

Stay in contact with your Fime trainer, following your session for continued support and insight. 

Be part of Fime’s trainee community and stay up to date with the latest technological developments.

Receive an official Fime certificate to recognize your participation..

Dedicated training course

To organize a dedicated training session in your premises for your staff only, please request a quote.

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