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Visa Ready for Transit program in-depth.

Get a full overview of the Visa Ready for Transit program.

[TRTRA04] Visa Ready for Transit program in-depth.

Course overview

This course provides an understanding of how Visa contactless payments are processed in urban mobility systems. It offers insight and guidance to those implemeting a Visa Mobility and Transport Transaction system within their transport infrastructure.


  • Understand the Visa Ready for Transit program.

  • Get detailed information about the urban mobility transaction model.

  • Learn about the impact on each stakeholder in detail.

  • Get detailed information about kernels and back office requirements.

Key topics

  • Open-loop systems.

  • Known Fare Transactions.

  • Mobility and transport transactions.

  • Impact at each system level.

  • Visa requirements.



Introduction to Visa Ready for Transit

  • Visa Ready for Transit.

  • Known Fare Transaction.


The Mobility & Transport Transaction Model

  • Processing overview.

  • Processing description.

  • Impacts on stakeholders.

  • Security.

  • Specifications and exceptions handling.

  • Terminals.


  • Kernel.

  • Terminal.

  • Back office.

Course details


1 day.


10 max.


Transport ticketing stakeholders, management and staff members considering or planning to implement a Visa Mobility Transport Transaction system.


Basic knowledge of Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) systems. Completion of the “Visa Ready for Transit Program overview” training would be an advantage.

Training pack

Includes a binder, notebook, pen, USB key and your official certificate. 

Added benefits

Stay in contact with your Fime trainer, following your session for continued support and insight. 

Be part of Fime’s trainee community and stay up to date with the latest technological developments.

Receive an official Fime certificate to recognize your participation.


For any specific requests, please contact us.

Course details


1 jour.

Effectif plancher / plafond

Entre 3 et 10 participants max.


Les acteurs de la billetterie dans le transport, les membres de la direction et le personnel envisageant de mettre en œuvre un système de transaction de transport en commun Visa.


Connaissances de base sur la billetterie de transport (AFC). La participation à la formation « Introduction au programme Visa Ready for Transit » serait un plus. 


Johann Urvoy / Sylvain Hélaine

Référent pédagogique

Kit de formation

Il comprend un classeur avec les supports de formation imprimés, un bloc-notes, un stylo, une clé USB et votre certificat.

Avantages complémentaires

Après votre formation, restez en contact avec votre intervenant pour bénéficier de conseils et d'autres informations. 

Faites partie de la communauté Fime sur les réseaux sociaux et suivez les dernières évolutions technologiques.

Recevez un certificat pour valider votre participation.


Evaluation formative et sommative. 

Dedicated training course

To organize a dedicated training session in your premises for your staff only, please request a quote.

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