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Issuing testing service

Issuer Host Testing

Maximize acceptance with a trusted authorization host system.

Ensure your card product business requirements are managed correctly by your issuer authorization host.

Issuer Host Testing

Successfully navigate complexity to maximize transaction acceptance.

Maintaining issuer host system compliance is a complicated and time-sensitive process. You need to connect to several payment networks and comply with regional requirements for products, accounts and authorization methods, including EMV® transactions, pre-authorizations, mobile provisioning, online payments and refunds.

Our experts help you successfully navigate the complex and ever-evolving environment, to ensure efficiency and business continuity

Key benefits

  • Reduce false declines and fraudulent transactions to maximize acceptance. 

  • Trust your system migration and updates with pro-active regression testing.

  • Quickly receive and analyze test results to address EMV or payment scheme errors.  

  • Maximize the value of  EMV technology.

  • Understand your system with clear mapping between your business rules and the implementation. 

  • Investigate production issues.


How it works.

Our Fime experts:
  • Collaborate with you to identify business requirements. 
  • Tailor transactions and inject them into your authorization system using simulators. 
  • Analyze authorization responses and provide a report.
  • Recommend solutions. 
  • Repeat testing on any host system updates and maintain a regression report.


  • Any ISO 8583-based payment network protocol 

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